Dos And Don’ts Of Arranging A Buck’s Party

If you are the groom’s best friend and have been given a task to arrange for a bucks party Brisbane, then here are a few things that you should be keeping in mind before arranging one. Let’s find out some of the dos and don’ts of a bucks party that would make it worth remembering.

  1. Do make sure of all the details

When you have been made an in charge of everything for the party, make sure that people respond to you about their availability and that whether they would be joining in or not. It becomes your job to ensure that whoever is coming is actually there and that things go smoothly as planned.

  1. Don’t have the party arranged a day before wedding

Whoever feels that having a bachelor’s party a night before the wedding is a good idea, they really don’t know what trouble they are getting themselves into. Arranging the buck’s party a night before the wedding is probably the worst thing you can do to ruin anyone’s marriage. Imagine the groom to be coming all hungover and red eye at their wedding…. Definitely not a good idea.

  1. Do arrange it a few weeks before the actual date

Arranging the party a few weeks before the wedding date would probably not let you have all the guests as most of the people would not be in town, but you got to make things work with what you have. The fact that you arrange a party a few weeks before the wedding is actually good for everyone’s health as well.

  1. Don’t assume everyone is ready to spend

Of course you would want your best friend to have the best XXX show, however, don’t assume that everyone is willing to spend thousands of dollars on just a party by spending on an expensive club and drinks and probably hotels etc. so before you go booking like a crazy on expensive things, make sure you are sharing the idea with all other guests who will be pitching in for the party. 

  1. Do pay for all the expenditures for the groom

Since groom is the main highlight of the event, make sure you all are paying complete attention to him specially by paying for him wherever required. Make sure you all are distributing the amount equally amongst everyone expect the groom and that everyone is comfortable with the idea too.

  1. Don’t do anything stupid

Since there are drinks and men involved, one can expect them to go all crazy and do things which they might regret later. However, make sure you are in full control to take charge of things if anything goes crazy during the party.

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